Jul  Agosto 2020  Set
31 12
quinta-feira, 13 de Ago de 2020   
Award Winner
Amputator  kchaos401 (24 kills with amputator)
Bat Outta Hell  Lucy (9 kills with skullbat)
Best Latency  hello (7 ms average connection)
Bleed Kill  slowmode (5 bleed kills)
C.A.P.P.E.R  sweatbeard (4 kills with capper)
Conscientious Objector  Biggie (32 kills with conscientious objector)
Crossing Guard  soda (2 kills with crossing guard)
Dischord  БЕЗУМЕЦ_229 (1 kills with dischord)
Doctor's Certificate  CookieWookiee (32 kills with bonesaw)
Eureka Effect  Lucy (18 kills with eureka effect)
Freedom Staff  insection (14 kills with freedom staff)
Frontier Justice  JeBeM(s’pRSti) (13 kills with frontier justice)
Frying Pan  Shapper (28 kills with frying pan)
Ham Shank  Легат (19 kills with ham shank)
Jag  davidsilvadk09 (2 kills with jag)
Longest Death Streak  Teto the Slave (41 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  Lucy (139 kills)
Longest Play Time  Skaldas (18:30:01h hours)
Lugermorph  GameGladi8or (6 kills with lugermorph)
Medic Killer  Lucy (568 medic kills)
Medics Defended  Alex756 (2 medics defended)
Most Deaths  Teto the Slave (188 deaths)
Most Kills  Lucy (590 kills)
Most Points Healed  NotDaile (3.326 points healed)
Most Suicides  Shapper (70 suicides)
Most Valuable Player  Легат (20 wins as mvp)
Necro Smasher  JåGErB0mB (7 kills with necro smasher)
Panic Attack  Teto the Slave (90 kills with panic attack)
Pistol  Teto the Slave (61 kills with pistol)
Player Teleported  tucemiux (45 players teleported)
Pomson 6000  tucemiux (21 kills with pomson)
Prinny Machete  Budgie7798 (9 kills with prinny machete)
Rescue Ranger  ARTEM PYASIK (22 kills with rescue ranger)
Short Circuit  monoflak (29 kills with short circuit)
Solemn Vow  IT'S RAINING MEN!! (10 kills with solemn vow)
Southern Hospitality  MagnumAttack (9 kills with southern hospitality)
Spinal Tap  Gr3gy (11 kills with spinal tap)
Ubersawer  ikki yuuji (15 kills with ubersaw)
Vita-Saw  soda (15 kills with vita-saw)
Widowmaker  Lucy (525 kills with widowmaker)
Wrench  soda (22 kills with wrench)